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You can cancel the subscription whenever you want or change the delivery date of your monthly package directly from your account, up to 5 days before the expected delivery.

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Save 25% with each delivery and receive your monthly package from the comfort of your home without paying the shipping costs.

eco brand

Respect nature

Choosing Pillo, you choose premium, non-toxic & earth-friendly essentials for young families.

Try Pillo nappy with your baby

pillo nappy
  • optimal rewet Better rewet and acquisition
  • quicker & better absorbencyAbsorbing channels to diffuse content and increase absorbency
  • Easy to apply, ergonomically advancend to enable freedom of movement
  • super slim dryway Super slim , to increase wearability
  • stretch drywayComfortable elastic closure to guarantee tailor fit
  • soft & breathable dryway Soft and breathable skin friendly material
  • anti leakage dryway Barriers avoid leakages and assure comfort

Our certifications

Gentle on the skin, respectful of the environment

The research activity and the attention always shown to the environment has enabled Pillo to receive the PEFC certification, or the most authorable certified warranty that the cellulose used for the production comes entirely from sustainably managed forests.