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We are a group of experts in distribution guys who have decided to focus their efforts on a single sector: everything related to the world of the child.

We have chosen a team of mothers to select for you the best products for every aspect of your children’s lives. On our platform you will find only products that have passed rigorous safety and eco-sustainability tests and certifications because only high standards can satisfy us and our customers.

You can buy, from the comfort of your home, everything you need for the care of your baby in a few clicks in a simple and safe way.

Why exactly a donkey?

In many ancient societies, the donkey figure was associated with rebirth and light: according to the ancient Taoist religion, the gods who brought the light of the new year rode elegant white donkeys. Their journey takes place in the winter solstice period, just when the days get longer after the autumn torpor.

Perhaps not many know that we have brought this tradition into our culture: in some parts of Italy, at the same time, it is customary to celebrate the feast of Saint Lucia.

According to legend, the night between 12 and 13 December (very close to the winter solstice), Santa Lucia, riding a donkey, comes to bring gifts and sweets to our children. They are the new generation, the symbol of rebirth and they are at the center of our world, the world of DonKID!

Since the dawn of time, the donkey has always been at the side of man, is considered, by all cultures, the symbol of indefatigability and perseverance. These two characteristics are qualities that, nowadays, cannot fail to be recognized by the other protagonist of our world: the mother! Between work, home and commitments that fill any hour of the day, our mothers always find a way to take care of their children. For this reason we want to make them protagonists of our world and simplify their lives, at least a little!

Finally, another great quality recognized by the donkey in tradition is that of curiosity. It is precisely the quality that we hope to inspire in anyone who enters the fantastic world of Donkid to discover all our products!

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